Transit / Forhåndsvarsel (ENG)

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Here you can order transit (T1) from us by filling in all the fields marked *. ATTENTION! T1 can be ordered a maximum of 1 week before border crossing.

In the message box, the following must be filled in:

- Number of parcels

- Product types

- Weight

- Value



When the message has been sent to us, it will appear

  "Thanks for the order."

When we have received the e-mail and made the transit, you will receive a message from us with the MRN number by telephone.


New customer with us?

We then need information about name, address, social security number for private individuals, and organization number for companies.


Please note that after 21.00 on weekdays and weekends we must also be contacted on telephone 777 14 590.

Additional costs will be incurred in the event of an emergency call.

What is a transitdeclaration/T1?

A transitdeclaration is made if you are in need of bringing goods from one point to another without customsclearing them.

During the transport you can travel through all the countries that is part of the transitconvention. You are not allowed to use, unload or change means of transportation without the consent of the customs authorities.


How is it done in practise?

The necessary information is sent to us, preferably by email, and we will make the transit and send it through the authorities’ electronic system TET (NCTS).

When the transit is checked in the system we will get an MRN-number that we will send to the transporter of the goods.

When the driver get to the starting customspoint he present the number and the customs officers will print out a hardcopy of the transitdocument that should follow the goods until the closing customspoint.

We must stress that the document should follow the goods and that it must be closed at an open customs office.


What do we need to make a transitdeclaration for you?

Information that we need to make the transit for You are: Truck and trailers, starting and closing customspoint, type of goods, number and weight for each type of goods.

We will also need an estimated value of the total cargo to make the proper guarantee.

For sending the MRN we will need the drivers mobilenumber or you should provide us with some other means of getting the information to him We prefer to get this information by email,

but will of course be of service if the order is called in or faxed to us.


Read more about T1 on the customs webpage here



What is a pre-warning?

When goods are arriving or going to countries outside EU/EEC there shall be made a pre-warning. This will be sent to the customspoint where the cargo leaves this area and should be made inside certain time limits.


How is the procedure carried out?

We will make the pre-warning and send it through the customs electronic system TET (NCTS). The pre-warning can be made in combination with a transitdeclaration or just by itself.


What do we need to help you?

To make the pre-warning we will need the same information as for the transitdeclaration. In addition we will need the date and time (+/- 2 hours) for the bordercrossing.

Read more about pre-advice on the customs webpage here